Monday, July 30, 2012

Race Weekend 2012

Every weekend after the 4th of July, well all head to Daytona so the whole crew can beach all day and the guys can go to the races.

This year, since we were already there with my family, when they all went home on Thursday, the girls and I just stayed. Any excuse for an extra day at the beach works for us! DSC_9152

Nie-Nie & Kelsey came in that afternoon and we had a fun girls night that included dinner at Red Robin and a Wal-Mart run. We were going to get all crazy and stay up to play some cards and watch a movie, but when I laid down with AB “for just a minute” I ended up going down for the count. :)

Friday we had a fun beach day and Amber, Elliot, Tay & Warren all got there mid-morning. DSC_9215


Me & My sweet Mamie-Girl

The rest of the crew got there after work Friday evening. Saturday was another fun day on the beach. Early that morning, most of our gang walked down to the pier for breakfast. A few of us girls stayed back at the condo, including me and my two cuties (since they were BOTH still sleeping) :)  DSC_9237

I loved this of all of them headed to breakfast

We set up on the beach, grilled under the tent for lunch and stayed out all day long.DSC_9252



Kelsey & Mamie relaxing under the umbrella

That night, we all went to the Port Orange Steakhouse for dinner. Yum.

I was a terrible picture taker the whole weekend, and I was so ill that I didn’t even take our annual picture of all the guys before the race.

We sent the men folk off to the track and we did some Target shopping then headed back to the condo for the traditional Hot Krispy Kremes.

Lauren and I did take the girls down to the beach to try to get a picture of them in their matching outfits…



Me, Nen & the girls

Sunday we played some more on the beach and sadly our weekend was coming to a close. DSC_9404

DW & AB playing in the waves…


& with Mames enjoying the shade. :)


I have to eat my words about the grouchy-over-priced ice cream man EVERY time we’re on the beach…I swore he’d never get any more of my money! And as evidenced above, we’re still helping support the ole goat. Of course, most of the money he gets from us isn’t from me- Little Miss knows when Pappy is there, who to ask! (& he always has some ice cream dollars for her.) :)


It’s always crowded and crazy when we’re all there together, but it’s also always fun times that make good memories.



Surrounded-By-Boys said...

Glad y'all had a good time at the beach!!!

Mary said...

LOVE that pic of the girls in their matching outfits. Precious. I'm jealous of all the time you and Carrie and spending at the beach. I am in need of some beach hubby doesn't love it though. :O( Pout.