Thursday, July 14, 2016

4th Fun 2016 Edition


The way the 4th fell this year, we were in town for the 4th of July parade. IMG_1238

We watched it from the lot in town, and the girls walked with Grammy to help campaign for Mr. E in the superintendent race. IMG_1302


Tucker enjoyed everything about the parade, but especially when Smokey the Bear came riding through on a low-boy with a bull-dozer.IMG_1188 It was the highlight for sure. Imagine that. IMG_1280 

After the parade, we went to dinner with my parents and then home to get the kids in bed. It had been a long day, so we skipped out on the fireworks this year.

Saturday morning we got up and headed over to the beach. IMG_1346

The kids couldn’t get their suits on fast enough and head for the water!

IMG_1360We ate lunch on the beach and spent the afternoon playing in the sand, ocean, and pool. IMG_1374IMG_1384IMG_1397IMG_1411IMG_1505IMG_1491IMG_1536IMG_1544After naps, we went to dinner at the Port Orange Steakhouse. It’s a favorite of ours, and didn’t disappoint. Tucker, however, did. Oh my gosh, he’s never been that bad at a restaurant before. I literally got up twice and just took him outside to walk around. While there are times that I’m a little sad our baby years are over, NOTHING about me will miss the terrible twos. Ha. He’s so dang cute, though, it’s almost impossible to get mad with him. ;) IMG_1587

After dinner, the big guys were off to the races. Nie-Nie did the drop off and Krispy Kreme pick up, while we hit the Ron Jon Surf Shop to find a beach toy Van had seen that morning on the beach. It’s called Surfer Dude, and from the sounds of it, we needed one. IMG_1607

Sunday was another day on the beach… We sent Surfer Dude out into the ocean to see if he’d really ride the waves back in…and he DID! So fun! IMG_1652IMG_1684IMG_1694IMG_1697IMG_1678IMG_1747IMG_1749

That evening it was Mellow Mushroom for dinner. Pappy & Nie-Nie went home after dinner, but we stayed behind for another night of fun. First we hit Putt-Putt golf. IMG_1760We’ve never taken the kids before, and the girls are definitely at a fun age for it.IMG_1779IMG_1829IMG_1777IMG_1770 Tucker was not feeling Putt-Putt. In all fairness, he wasn’t feeling 100% and I think that had a lot to with it.

After Putt-Putt, we hit Cow Licks for ice cream and quarter rides. Ice cream and quarter rides can work wonders. IMG_1880IMG_1881IMG_1917

I was in the Hallmark store the night before during mine & Tucker’s during-dinner walk, and found the Bean-Boozled Jellybeans.IMG_1921 I’d heard about them, and thought it would be a fun game to play with the family. We didn’t have the box with the spinner, so we just dumped them all out on the coffee table and picked colors. It was hysterical and disgusting. I threw up twice while we (more like they) played. I only bit into one, but when I smelled the other ones I was literally sick. It was so gross. HOW can they make a jelly bean smell just like rotten cheese, but you can’t smell it until it has been bitten? Crazy. IMG_1937

3 little loves happy their Aunt Kels stayed with us

The next day we swam and played on the beach a little and then packed up and headed home. IMG_1970IMG_1985

It was another fantastic Fourth.


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