Monday, July 25, 2016

Dinosaur World

We needed a fun day trip to do when Garrett was down, and we wanted to do something different. Mom & I thought for days and then I remembered last year when DW and I were in Tampa seeing signs for Dinosaur World. IMG_2772

It was perfect – only a couple hours away, something we’ve never done before, and something geared more toward boys, even though we were sure the girls would love it, too. IMG_2793

We left early and got to the park at opening. IMG_2781

The park itself was so well maintained. IMG_2801There were giant life-size dinosaurs tucked in big green trees, and lots of lush green plants.IMG_2863IMG_2874IMG_2961


Every thing was so clean and well cared for. We enjoyed just being outside walking the concrete trails through the different exhibits. IMG_2930IMG_2903IMG_2911

There were also several hands-on stations throughout the park.

We paid the extra and bought the fossil dig passes. The kids got to dig for fossils and then keep their three favorites. IMG_2820IMG_2811

We watched the fossil excavation demonstration,IMG_2892

and ended the day mining for gems. IMG_2992Gem mining is always a favorite of my girls in the mountains. The bucket we bought at Dinosaur World was loaded with pretty gems. All of the kids brought home a bag full of them. This was definitely the girls’ favorite part. IMG_2979

After a stop in the gift shop, we headed for some lunch and home.

It was a really cute park, and a super fun day. IMG_2776


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