Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Blue Run…again!

We usually do our week at Blue Run in July, but because Baby Quinn is expected to arrive in August (and her big brother was 3 1/2 weeks early), we thought it might be best to go in June this year. IMG_0143

All the girls and kids made our way down on Friday afternoon, and the guys came down when they got off work. IMG_0027We did Kelsey’s birthday that night and I’m not sure there’s much better than cupcakes and the river together. 13521983_842463579221636_25447235505921297_n13438995_842463609221633_1166298177503940116_n

Another “icing on the cupcake” was that Gracie was here this year, too! IMG_0498

At AB’s field day, I thought about how much fun those big slides would be at the river and how much fun the kids would have, AND the grown-ups! I’d never in a million years climb on one at someone else’s house or event, but if it was just us, how much fun would that be?!?!? I threw out the idea and of course, Pappy & Nie-Nie were like, book it! So we did. We also ended up renting the frozen drink machine, again, too, that we’d rented for the 50th Fiesta. We had strawberry daiquiris all weekend long, it was fantastic!

The slide arrived Saturday afternoon, and the first ones down were the big boys.  Adam took the inaugural slide down, on his belly, no less, and he flew right out of the bottom pool onto the grass. IMG_0320We laughed our heads off. From that point, it was on. IMG_0352They slid down on every float, raft and blow up we had down there. DSC_3038It was hilarious and so much fun. IMG_0360

At one point, I thought we might have to start limiting the big boys, so that the KIDS could actually play on it. Ha. They did finally slow down a little and let the littles have a turn.


We had the slide again on Sunday, and it was another fun day. IMG_0345IMG_0318IMG_0368

DW has so much responsibility and works so hard, that it thrills me to no end to see him on rare occasion act 12 years old and cut up. And to see the three brothers together having a blast with their kids and nieces/nephews is almost too much.


By the end of the weekend, just about every one of the guys had scrapes and bruises and burns from the slide. Ha.

The week was fantastic, the weather was just perfect and we had the best time at one of our favorite places.

We played in the water, DSCN8003DSCN8010IMG_0669DSCN8026IMG_0676IMG_0730DSCN8106IMG_0980

We kayaked, IMG_0879IMG_0444IMG_1018IMG_0450IMG_0461


We floated down from the head, IMG_0242IMG_0207IMG_0532IMG_0245IMG_0230IMG_0539IMG_0551IMG_0578

We took boat rides, IMG_0473IMG_1085IMG_0496IMG_0613IMG_0947

Nobody likes a pontoon dance party quite like my Mamie.


We jumped out of the tree…IMG_1071IMG_1083

We played in the yard, IMG_0077DSC_6595DSC_6598DSC_6608DSC_6638DSC_6651

We fished off the dock… IMG_0893IMG_1144


AND the porch…IMG_1126

We did a lot of taking it easy…IMG_0090IMG_0125IMG_0132IMG_0182IMG_0298IMG_0809IMG_0744IMG_0820IMG_1063



Overall it was a great weekend and beginning of the week, but Tuesday, things started going downhill. DW & Adam both got diagnosed with ear infections (they rarely get sick – especially DW- he’s been to the dr one time since college and it was for a physical!) and then Thursday morning my little herd all woke up with ear aches and Tucker had pink eye! We headed straight to their pediatrician’s office in Gainesville for ear drops and eye drops.

It was a little sad to cut our time short, but we’d been running so much that it was a good way to MAKE us slow down and rest. IMG_2028We also had big plans for the 4th that weekend, so we needed to get better ASAP.

After all of us came down with something, we’ve attributed it to the slide. I don’t know if it’s possible or not, but I really think that’s how we all got sick. The slide was so much fun, but should we ever do it again, I’ll be out there spraying it down with Clorox before any of us get on it. Ha.

Even with the bad ending, the week was wonderful and we’re all a little sad that our Blue Run time this summer is over. IMG_0858



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