Monday, July 18, 2016

Lemonade Stand

One of the girls' things on their summer bucket list was to have a lemonade stand. 13726852_852393344895326_5316001510854823217_n
They’ve been watching a lot of old Full House re-runs, and Stephanie & Michelle had a lemonade stand, and the girls loved it.
I thought it would be a fantastic way to learn some life lessons on working and money. DSC_6657
We talked about what they would do with the money and came up with a plan. They wanted to help someone who needed it more than they did, and we decided to spend 1/3 to buy school supplies for students in need to be donated to our local stuff the bus campaign and to give 1/3 to our upcoming VBS missions project, and the last 1/3 would go to savings accounts.
I boiled a whole bushel of peanuts and we made about 4 gallons of lemonade and a couple gallons of sweet tea, too. We’d also made some brownies.
We set up on a Thursday afternoon across from the construction shop and business was booming! I had to work with Mamie on how to greet customers, since she said, “What do you want?” to the first one. Ha. IMG_2323
I didn’t get a whole lot of pictures, because we stayed so busy. The girls were adorable taking orders and working together to make drinks and count change. Tucker was the peanut man. Also note, the old retro cooler the peanuts are in. It was one that DW’s grand-daddy had here at the house and we kept. I thought it’d be sweet to use it that day for the peanut stand. IMG_2333
We had lots of the family come by (I know more would have, if we had let them know ahead of time), and tons of the company employees stopped in as they were heading home for the day. They were all so kind and generous with their “tips” and were all sweet to tell the girls how proud they were that they were doing something for such good causes. IMG_2358IMG_2338
It was a very successful day and we’re so proud of our girls. IMG_2594

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