Saturday, July 16, 2016

Baby Shower for Quinn


We have been on baby countdown mode all summer long! We knew when school was out, it would be time to get ready for our new niece/cousin Quinn’s arrival!  The girls have been so excited and can hardly wait to meet her, Mamie, especially. Mames is convinced that Quinn is going to think she’s the coolest girl ever and that she will have to teach her EVERYTHING. It’s the cutest, and makes me so thankful for my own cousins, both older and younger than me. Cousins sure are special.

A couple of Lauren’s friends and I got together and hosted a little tea party one Sunday afternoon as a little “sprinkle” for Lauren & Quinn. IMG_2188IMG_2207IMG_2198IMG_2185IMG_2193IMG_2192Lauren did great picking out all of her baby gear with Parker, so that it could go either way, so really there’s not a lot they “need” – but EVERY little girl has to have some PINK in her life. Ha.

We had the shower at the lodge and it was a sweet couple of hours of friends and family dropping in for some snacks and cake and to visit with Lauren. IMG_2233IMG_2235

Everyone’s so excited for the new arrival and we’re all taking bets on when it will be! I just have a feeling she’s going to be a July baby!


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