Friday, August 17, 2012

Beginning Ballet…

On Monday, AB will go to her first ballet class. I am beside myself.

But not nearly as excited as she is about “dance class!”DSC_0244

A few Friday’s back, Mom & I took the girls out to lunch and shopping for all of her dance class essentials. We made a day of it!DSC_0228

We hit Arabesque which is a little dancers dream…DSC_0253

so many tutus and leotards! :) 

We had her fitted for her ballet slippers first. DSC_0249


Then, we got her tap shoes! DSC_0260

She was so excited! (We all were) :)

After Arabesque, we went to Target and we found LEG WARMERS!!! AB had to try them on at Great-Granny’s when we stopped to show Granny all of her dance stuff. DSC_0269


Showing Great-Granny how her tap shoes sound

She’s had to try on her “dance cwothes” at least a half dozen times since we got them and has pulled them all out to show anyone who’s been over at our house! :)

We’ve been practicing our ballerina buns this week– I even watched a tutorial on the “sock bun” and we tried it… it might be a little too big for AB for now. (It looks like I have put fake hair on her! ha)


Grandma got her the ballerina nightgown, and AB’s worn it every night this week since getting it in the mail on Tuesday! 

We are all so excited for Monday!

DSC_0252 I can’t wait to see our little ballerina twirling and tapping! 



Arielle said...

Omgosh so exciting and adorable!! :))

Tania said...

You have a cute ballerina. She is going to have so much fun. I loved my ballet and tap classes when I was a little girl.

Kellee Whitehurst said...

i am really not sure how much more my heart can take..... adorable!!!! when do Annabelle and I get to sign up for our hip-hop classes..... i'm just sayin' :)

Immeasurably More Mama said...

What a milestone for your sweet girl! The ballet bun is big but ADORABLE! Can't wait to see pics from her first lesson. :)

Surrounded-By-Boys said...

Oh my word. She is hardly old enough to be in ballet !! I'm getting OLD !!!! Love it though--such a cute dumpling!!!