Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Island Shopping & a Picnic

Today we met up with Carrie, Allie & Whitt for a long overdue BFF day.

Whitt & Mames have to be BFFs for now by association. :) They don’t really have a choice since their Mommas & Big Sisters are always running around together. It’s only a matter of time before Whitt decides he isn’t hanging with all of us girls and demands to go to work with his Daddy, I’m sure!

We decided to head to the island to check out Carrie’s mom’s BFF’s (you get all that?) new quilt shop. Mrs. Beth just recently opened, so we needed to get down to Cedar Key to check it out. DSC_0599

I love the name of her shop and her logo…so cute! DSC_0548

Allie & AB were glad to see “Ms. Beff” had a candy bowl in her shop and both enjoyed picking some Hershey Kisses from it. Allie even made sure they got to “take some chocolate for the road.” Her words exactly. :)

The Salty Needle had lots of pretty fabrics to choose from and Mrs. Beth said she’s getting more in everyday! DSC_0563

Carrie and I  got Allie & Annabelle matching fabric in different colors to have some fall ruffle pants made and Carrie got a few other things, too.

There were several prints I loved for Maybree’s room, but I couldn’t make up my mind, so we’ll have to make another trip soon.

It’s so nice to have a place to go to buy adorable coordinating fabrics that aren’t the same ole thing that all the big chains carry. Plus, Cedar Key is such a fun little town and a great place for a day trip. DSC_0580

DSC_0598We packed a picnic and ate lunch in the park. I say “packed a picnic” like we made our own sandwiches and homemade cookies…nope, just some Subway. I did cut up some strawberries, though. :)DSC_0603

The girls were so excited about our “pic-a-nic” and even more excited to play in the park. DSC_0608


Mamie watched…


While Whitt tried to join in…bless his heart…he wants to be big so bad!


The girls played until they got too hot and tired and we packed up and headed back to Chiefland to get my car.

We couldn’t part ways without a stop at the Yum Yum Shop for ice cream, though!  DSCN5127

It was a sweet ending to a really fun day!



Stephanie Heintz said...

I'm pretty sure I remember having a "Pic-a-nic" at that very table. So sweet that yall are all BFF. I love it.

Crystal said...

That sounds like my kind of picnic lunch, ha!

Carrie said...

We had such a good time with y'all yesterday! The ice cream picture makes me laugh so hard. Crazy kids, for sure :)

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