Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sea World

Last Friday was my Mom’s last Friday and Lauren's last day off before school starts. We decided to end the summer big and take the girls to Sea World. DSC_0698

I haven’t been in YEARS, so I was excited to see what was new and different.

I wasn’t a very good picture taker that day…the night before I lost my underwater camera (which is what I was planning to take pics of with all day, because it’s small, takes great pictures and its durable…SO SAD that I lost it only 3 months after I got it. :(  I guess I’ll be asking DW for another one for Christmas. :)

We started with the Shamu show, which is now called, “One Ocean.” The killer whales are always impressive. AB was still a little young for the shows. Even sitting in our laps, she still couldn’t really see over the people in front of us, and she was confused on where to look- at the tank or the big tv screens. Still, we saw Shamu. :)DSC_0636

After that, we passed by the lake with the pink “mingo” paddle boats. DSC_0661AB wanted to ride, so Mom and I obliged. DSC_0652

Mames stayed and watched with Nen. DSC_0660

We hit the shark encounter, DSC_0673

saw some other aquariums of fish, DSC_0671

and even tried to pet the dolphins that day!

We caught the Clyde & Seamore Sea Lion show, which is always cute. AB enjoyed that one, too. 



After a morning of fun, we took a break for lunch and cooled off in the AC. DSC_0681

It was a hot day for sure and the park was pretty crowded, so were all in need of some lunch and cool air.

After lunch, AB had seen the Sky Tower and wanted to ride it. There was a 30 minute wait, so while Mom, AB & Nen waited in line, I waited in the shade with a sleeping Mamie. DSC_0682When Mames woke up, we joined them in line and rode the ride. SCAN0002AB loved it. It was pretty neat getting to see the park from the sky. DSC_0689


We’d heard about the 3-D Turtle Trek, so we tried that next.DSC_0709 There was a 30 minute wait for that one, too. We had stood and waited so long that we couldn’t wait to get inside and sit down. Imagine our surprise, when after the long wait, and being moved into there different holding areas, this was a STANDING attraction. It was the 3-D of the life of a sea turtle from the turtle’s perspective. They could have let us swim with the sea turtles and after the miserable wait, I think we’d all have still been slightly disappointed. :)

AB did get a turtle card for asking a question at the Turtle Trek, so she was excited about that. DSC_0711

And AB & Nen did look really cute in their 3-D glasses…


By the time we got out of Turtle Trek it was around 3:00, and we decided to call it a day. But not before we walked half way across the park to get AB the snow-cone she “REALLY wanted” and then took three bites of.

We missed the kids’ splash part of the park, so we may go back sometime this fall when it isn’t as crowded and check that out.

By the time we made our way to the car, we were hot, sweaty and tired. That sounds like a successful summer day at a Florida theme park! :)



Carrie said...

I don't know what's better, the pink flamingo ride or the 3-D glasses?! This makes me excited for our September theme park trip :)

Surrounded-By-Boys said...

We did Sea World back in May with N's class...WHEW it was HOT...I cannot imagine going in July or August !!! Glad y'all had a great time and enjoyed the park !!! We didn't do the flamingos or the tower ride.....