Monday, August 27, 2012


It’s Monday! I just finished up some leftover painting from the weekend and I should be cleaning my house getting ready for company… But its rainy and yucky and my girls are still sleeping, so I thought I’d post a couple things from the past few days around here…


We’ve made a few updates around the house including:

saying goodbye to these beauties in our sunroom:


And we took 30 years off the life of the built in that’s in our living room:


This is the before and I can’t wait to post the after! Its not completely finished yet (that’s what I was painting this morning), so I’ll post it soon! It looks totally different though and it’s got me motivated and ready to tackle ALL of the cabinets now! Let’s just hope DW is just as motivated.




We are loving anything miniature these days… Our latest finds have been the “Champs” from Blue Bunny – They are the perfect size drumstick for AB and she loves them. I do, too! :)


Target has the BEST selection of tiny size snacks right now! We picked up these gummy bears last week and not only are the bags tiny sized, but the bears are too! So cute.




This girl is cutting four top teeth right now. She’s been chewing on everything these days and makes this funny face often as she feels her new toofies.


She’s loving Gerber puffs these days. She likes the little star puffs, but she LOVES the yogurt ones.


AB loves to make Mames laugh. She is enjoying her sister more everyday and I love seeing their relationship develop. DSC_1261




On Saturday, DW had a benefit shoot in the morning, so the girls and I went to Hobby Lobby to get ready for Fall. We didn’t buy one thing for fall, but we’ve got our eye on a few Christmas things…(I can’t believe its August and they have Christmas out already!!!)

When we came home, my Mom & Granny came over for a visit. We played outside with the girls and AB made us all snow cones. Its her favorite thing lately.


When DW got home, he got Granny on my golf cart and we took her for a ride! She loved that it was red! :) I loved that we got her on it and she got to ride it. :)DSC_1403

And the biggest news from our house this weekend:

We now have a crawler!


Life around here is fixing to get interesting!



Kellee Whitehurst said...

love all of this!!! cannot thank you enough for sharing so many IMPORTANT things!!!! makes my heart smile!!!

Carrie said...

STOP IT! You did not mention in your e-mail this morning that Mamie is crawling! I can hardly wait to watch her and Whitt play chase :) And Granny in the golf cart is about more than my heart can take. I love it, Annie. I just wish I could have heard her talking about the experience! I know it was somethin' else.

Carrie said...

Forgot to ask, can I borrow the sunroom light fixture for Whitt's 1st birthday? It would be PERFECT :)

Immeasurably More Mama said...

I saw those mini drumsticks last week and almost bought them! They are perfect for little hands. :) Granny in the golf cart with DW driving is just too cute. The very fact that Mamie is crawling confirms that this year is passing quickly!

Surrounded-By-Boys said...

I love all the photos...I cannot believe Maybree is crawling!!!! What a darling little thing......and those little ice cream cones of AB's? Just precious.