Friday, March 25, 2016

Chicks 2016

Hard to believe we started taking baby chick pictures 8 years ago at the Mizell’s chicken farm.DSC_5047

It’s always fun to go up for the day, see the chicks and get in a visit with some of our favorites. DSC_5031DSC_5016

This year, DW & Adam got in on the action, since we went on a Sunday afternoon. DSC_5018

The girls were chick pros this year- even Annabelle was fine holding them. DSC_5038DSC_5064DSC_5068Tucker, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with them. DSC_5024


After we tortured them with some pictures, we let the kids run around outside, jump hay bales, climb on the tractors and drink Gatorade & Cokes in the back of DW’s truck. DSC_5076DSC_5101



We all missed our Sunday afternoon naps, but it was definitly worth it.

Thanks, Mizells, for a fun Sunday afternoon!


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