Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Break

Spring Break was early this year, and during the fair week. I wasn’t a fan for sure.
By Wednesday, I was a little worried that the highlight of the week was going to be the dead cow we came across while riding the golf cart that afternoon. (This sounds like the beginning of a “You might be a redneck if…”)IMG_2019
You would have thought we’d found gold.IMG_2005 The kids thought it was the neatest thing ever. Mamie insisted we take pictures and she wanted to stand right next to it. (This says a lot, becuase she’s not usually one for many pictures). IMG_2007The funniest thing was when Annabelle said, “momma, we need to call the people and tell them to come clean this up.” I told her the “people” would be Pappy. She said “well, maybe he could call the office and they could take care of it.” Ha! (It hasn’t taken her long to figure out that “calling the office” (a/k/a calling her daddy), always leads to getting things fixed! :)
The kids begged to drag home one of the big bones for Judson, but I was not about to smell that rank smell for days. No thank you. IMG_2009
That afternoon, the fair was over, and all the big grands (Elliot, Tay, Warren & AB) headed off to the beach for their annual Spring Break trip with Nie-Nie & Kels. They stay up late, eat snacks, and basically live out thier motto “We on vacation” to the fullest while they’re there. AB only got to stay one night this year, becuase we were headed to Georgia for Easter.
On Thursday, Mom, Mamie, Tucker & I did some shopping and then drove over to the beach. We made a stop at the Volusia County Marine science center… We found it a few years ago during another cold/early spring break and we try to go once a year now. IMG_2164
We met the gang for dinner – and then headed home with AB.
The last part of Spring Break was Easter weekend and our trip to Georgia.
Although the first part of the week started slow, we finished it out with lots of fun between Daytona & North Georgia!
Now we’re all REALLY ready for SUMMER BREAK!!! Come on, June!!!

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