Saturday, March 26, 2016

Random Phone Pics


- Most nights, baby brother still takes a sink bath in the laundry room. (It’s easiest, and hello… three kids to bathe.)


One day in February, we were coming home from picking AB up at school, and we passed a long line of old cars. The kids thought it was the neatest thing and really I did, too – we loved getting to watch them all drive by our driveway when we parked.


Parker & Tucker “reading” one afternoon.


Some mornings all you need is your milk cup, a hot Krispy Kreme and a hairbrush. Tucker wakes up some mornings with severe bed head. It’s the cutest.


My SIL stopped by the drop something off one day and while we were talking in the garage, we looked up and saw this. Jud is always happy to have company who will scratch his head.


Tucker has gotten to where he pets him a lot, too. DW scratches Jud with his foot a lot of times, and Tucker started doing it too, except his is more like a kick. We’ve had to work on being easy and rubbing Juddy, not kicking him. Ha.


- Big Britches has started climbing up and sliding all by himself. We also need to wash our slide.


We love sidewalk chalk. The kids make requests and I doodle them out on the concrete. They’re still at the age where they think anything I do is fantastic. But I am a pretty good side-walk-chalker if I must say so myself. :)


Little Devin with his leaf blower.


Hair cuts for all!


TDW has learned how to take his diaper off. I walked through the living room the other day and this caught my eye. I’m glad the UPS man wasn’t making a delivery.


I’ve started turning on RFDTV sometimes during the day for Tucker and it’s hilarious to me that it actually keeps his attention. Most of the tractor/construction/farm videos on Youtube are not real life and they only hold his attention for a little bit.


Tucker checking out the tractor with Pappy in the watermelon field


AB taking pictures for her fair project


Baby’s first sweet tea from Chick-fil-A


Kellee, Kelsey and I did a women on target clinic and had the best time. We’re all pretty good shots and it was lots of fun learning how to safely shoot and improve our shot.


Oh, look, another “brrrrruuummm – bruuummmm.” Nothing makes his day more.


When we’re out to dinner now, I have to make “rocks” for him to scoop with his loader and load in his dumptruck. Whatever it takes. :)


Tucker needed new boots. We went to the store and ended up coming home with boots (that he wouldn’t take off), a new hat, and a new matching shirt for he & DW.


There was no way to walk away from the matching, perfectly starched George Strait shirts.



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