Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Color Run

Our school hosted a Color Run 5K as a fundraiser and it was so much fun!

We signed up to “run” – and by run, I mean walk, and we had a great time. IMG_0893

Annabelle’s Color Team:

Before the Race



After the RaceIMG_0888

Mamie caught a piggy-back ride with Nie-Nie for part of the raceIMG_0771

but she made sure she ran through all of the color stations. IMG_0769Those were her favorite- imagine that. ;)

I gave her a ride for the last leg of the race, IMG_0884and then she got down to cross the finish line with Grammy. IMG_0787

Pappy parked on the route and waved us on and Pop was waiting at the finish line for us, too.IMG_0798

Everyone celebrated at the “color party” which was just another excuse to get some more color on our clothes and in our hair. IMG_0805IMG_0830IMG_0852IMG_0894

It really was such a fun morning, and a great fundraiser. The only bad part was getting everyone home and cleaned up!


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