Tuesday, March 22, 2016

First Grade Field Trip

This year’s field trip was to Wild Adventures in Valdosta.

We met at the school at 7:00 a.m. and made it to Georgia when the park opened. IMG_1315

The day started off a little bumpy, with the first ride. It was one of those roller coasters that looks like it’s going to fall off the tracks and was probably not the best one for AB to ride first. IMG_1322She screamed – she cried- and she insisted she was riding NOTHING else that day. Nice.

We convinced her to get on a few other things and she enjoyed those…IMG_1328



But there was no convinving her to ride the big coaster, Swamp Thing. Her two little friends rode it over and over and over and begged her to try it, but she wouldn’t cave.

We took a break for lunch, and walked around the dinosaur exhibit, which was so neat! IMG_1351IMG_1375IMG_1367

We rode the safari train and then saw the tiger show…IMG_1390

Walked through the animal exhibit, saw the alligator show, IMG_1507and the kids even held a baby alligator…IMG_1549

We went through the bird exhibit- it was so neat- all the little birds would land on you if you had food. IMG_1480AB wanted NOTHING to do with that. IMG_1498

After all the animal shows and exhibits, we FINALLY convinced AB to try the Swamp Thing. She loved it. We rode a couple times together and then the kids rode it by themselves. IMG_1601

We hit a couple more things again on our way out, made our gift shop stop and literally closed the park down. IMG_1623

It was such a fun day! IMG_1617


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