Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sew Much Fun!

Annabelle has been interested in sewing for a while now. IMG_0355I knew it would make a great 4H project for her to work on this year, and I thought there’d be several other little Cloverbuds in our club who might be interested in sewing, too. So it made perfect sense to host a little mini-sewing camp for our club. IMG_0341We limited it to 6 girls (one was unable to come that day, so it ended up being 5), and it turned out to be a great number. I’d asked my mom to help me, and she recruited a retired school teacher she knows who loves to sew. With three of us leading the group, we had plenty of adults to help the girls.

My parents bought Annabelle her own sewing machine for Christmas and a couple of the other girls had their own machines, too. I’d set up our machines for the ones who didn’t have thier own, and paired them at three tables. IMG_0357

We held the camp on our sunroom, and to hide the Barbie loft and our exercise equipment, I set up a little backdrop. It was also a great spot for our little fashion show pictures when the girls were all finished with thier sewing projects.

We started out with the basics and I’d made each girl a packet with diagrams, information, and practice sheets in it. IMG_0199

The girls were itching to get started!IMG_0312 After a few practice stitches, we started on their project, which was a simple skirt. IMG_0333I’d chosen this, becuase I knew the girls could enter them into the Suwannee River Fair and participate in the fair’s fashion show with them.

We took a break for lunch, when DW got there with our Chick-fil-a nugget tray.

That was a huge hit and I think the girls may have enjoyed lunch as much as they enjoyed sewing. IMG_0373

After lunch, we finished up the skirts, which turned out adorable. The girls are all 7 and under, and I was proud of how great they did. IMG_0383

We sent the girls home with a little sewing themed goody-bag at the end of the camp and I hope they all had as much fun as we did. IMG_0194


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annalee said...

THIS IS THE CUTEST! How neat for all of them