Monday, March 28, 2016

First Fair Entries

As a Cloverbud 4H member, Annabelle can enter the creative life skills division at the fair.

She was so excited to enter her skirt, IMG_1652some chocolate covered peanuts IMG_1653and a picture she had taken of our dog, Judson. IMG_1644

We went back down on Tuesday to watch Taylor & Warren in the steer show. Tucker was just worried about comparing boots with Pappy. IMG_1815

AB was so excited that Emma came home to spend the afternoon with us. The girls requested Chick-fil-A for lunch and were so excited when I let them order the mini-tray. IMG_1816

We sock-curled thier hair and headed back over to the fair for the Fashion Revue.


The Fashion Revue was so cute and we were so proud of AB. DSC_5191 She was adorable! DSC_5190DSC_5199DSC_5214

all the Cloverbud entries from our Club


proud little sister taking pictures

She doesn’t know the difference in red, white and blue ribbons yet – because Cloverbud’s only get green participaton ribbons, but you would have thought she’d won the blue rosette for best of show, as excited as she was over all of her green ribbons. IMG_1985

A few pics with her people…



IMG_1854and then we went to see Warren & Taylor’s steers again. IMG_1856IMG_1862

Annabelle’s first fair was a success. She had a great time and did so well on all three of her projects. It was so sweet to see her doing something that I did many years ago, too. I can’t wait to see what she wants to do next year.


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