Saturday, December 17, 2016

Are you Kitten me?! Mamie is 5!

All Summer long, Mamie told us she wanted a Surprise birthday party. She was very specific and said she wanted everyone to jump out and yell, “Surprise!” and wanted a strawberry cake.

I loved it, and thought how fun a Surprise party would be for her. We didn’t talk much more about it, because I kind of wanted her to forget about it, so she’d really be surprised.

We started talking about her birthday again, and while I was planning the surprise party, we lead her to thinking we were having a birthday breakfast with the family just like we’d done for AB.

She bought right into it and had already requested cupcakes over donuts at her breakfast. She’s traditional and thinks there should ALWAYS be cake at a party.  ;)

I invited her three best buddies; her two besties from school, Wyatt & Bristol and her church buddy, Ella.

It’s so funny to me that one of her best friends is a little boy. She thinks Wyatt is the greatest thing ever and she comes home every day with a Wyatt story. She knows his favorite color, what he likes to eat, and doesn’t like to eat. It’s super cute.

I was so excited when all three of her friends that we invited could come to the Surprise party.

Mamie woke up on her birthday to birthday breakfast and a message from Elf-Elf. IMG_2452

She got to open a new outfit to wear to school, but we told her she had to wait for her main gift at her party (which she still thought was a family breakfast that weekend). IMG_2449

I took donuts and a crown, because hello!,  to school mid-morning IMG_2454

and then Tucker and I spent the day at the lodge setting up for the party. IMG_2461

I lined up my parents to pick up the Chick-fil-a nugget tray and Pappy cooked the waffle fries at the lodge. 15571190_949521571849169_508093747_nIMG_2466IMG_2467IMG_2468

We had everyone get to the lodge at 6:00, and they turned the lights down and all hid. 15536656_949521631849163_726170300_o

We told Mamie we were going to dinner and then DW “got a phone call” that we needed to go by and check something at the lodge. We had coached AB up and told her to ask if she could go inside with him. We knew if she asked, the other two would, too. We all walked up and we made sure Mames was in the front.

When we opened that door, her little friends were standing right there yelling, ‘SURPRISE!’ She was so shocked! It was the cutest! 15577564_949521665182493_1347424514_n15591961_949521698515823_1636176698_n15628690_949521688515824_956719971_o

We ate dinner first and then the kids decorated some troll cookies.IMG_2474IMG_2476IMG_2477IMG_2463 I tried to incorporate all of Mamie’s favorite things right now in the party. There was lots of pink, kitty-cats, and the troll cookies.

We sang to the Birthday Girl and had strawberry cupcakes…15592473_949521728515820_925078332_nIMG_2480IMG_248415555327_949521751849151_2083222540_o

Presents were next…IMG_2495IMG_249915554817_949521785182481_1788078001_n

Just like AB, Mamie got her first BB Gun on her 5th birthday, in pink, of course. 

It was a school night, so we tried to wrap up the party by 7:30 so everyone could get home for bed time. We sent our little friends home with goody bags with Mamie’s favorite things inside. 

Maybree had a wonderful birthday and we all loved celebrating our baby girl who we are all crazy about. 15571171_949521828515810_1539900564_n15554912_949521815182478_753281013_n15554949_949521791849147_31986483_n


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